holiday blues

After the Holiday Blues.

holiday bluesUsually, the day after Christmas is the start of the Holiday Blues.

To much turkey?


House a mess from all the kids and presents?


A Little hung over from the new scotch from Uncle Jim?

You get the idea.

We all tend to get caught up in the glamour around Christmas and the New Year. It just seems to suck us in (thanks in part for the marketing companies totally take over of any holidays. Seriously, its a conspiracy). After all the presents are opened and the food is eaten, the house is empty again as we peacefully go to sleep. Waking up the next morning, our families are gone, and its back to the old grind.


holiday bluesHow did Christmas turn into a slightly depressing after party? We at the local deli are all about completing the celebration! The holidays are a happy time full of friends, family, and food! Just because December 25th is over, doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Here are a few tips to avoid the holiday blues this season!

  1. Send out Christmas cards. This increasingly archaic way to express heartfelt thanks to our friends is unfortunately dying out in the Smartphone age. Its too easy to text these days! Take an afternoon, brew up a fresh pot of coffee, and write some thank you notes! There are still tons of cards to choose from (check your local crafty shop), making sure your personal style will really shine through! Everybody loves receiving Christmas cards, and your friends aren’t any different!
  2. Prepare for New Year’s. Just because one party is over doesn’t mean we should ignore the next! 2017 is fit to be an awesome year! We can all make some short lived resolutions, try out some cool new recipes, and get ready to par-tay! Your friends (also avoiding the holiday blues) will be excited to come for a visit, and it will be great fun. Trust us, we know how to party ūüôā
  3. Call the people that couldn’t come for Christmas. The aunt who got stuck at home this year? Give her a quick call. Even though you missed the big day, family and friends really appreciate the warm wishes especially this time of year!

We could keep going on, but mostly we just want you to avoid being sad this season! And if your feeling a bit down and out, make sure and stop in for a always hot cup of soup. We struggle with the blues too. Merry Christmas and happy new year, from The Local Deli Family!

Cold: Avoid it like a Pro!

ColdCold. It happens and when your a North Idahoan (or Idahed, we’ve heard it both ways) it is immensely difficult to avoid! There is the spattering of fun winter activists. You know the lot, skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, sledding, snowman building (a contact sport in the Deli fam) and the like. While flying down a hill at a million miles an hour, or deciding on the perfect carrot for a snowman’s nose¬†IS fun, it loses some charm¬†when a blistering wind accidentally blows your face off.

We hate cold.

No real way around it. Being in a lakeside (Hayden almost counts) city, we always want to be on the¬†water. Sitting peacefully in a tube drinking some ice cold suds…it doesn’t get better! Slowly boating around the lake with the breeze in your hair? Sign us up! Summer is so warm, cozy, and delicious you can almost taste the heat.

MMMM. -Sigh-

ColdI¬†had to go make a cup of hot chocolate. Looking outside made me cold. At The Local Deli, we strive to help you battle through the winter months with our deluxe¬†HEATED (hot, melty, warm, inviting, toasted) sandwiches. If you haven’t been by in a while, we’ve added our¬†Community Favorites menu that has some great hot sandwiches! We also offer several delicious soups (typically different every day) that are great for sandwich dippage, or internal heat level increases. They are also super tasty! We also make sure to crank the heat a bit to keep our customers from freezing to death. No one likes to be cold, even in a sweet deli. If you are feeling a bit depressed about the cold (and lets be real we all are) make sure and stop in for some warm food. We even promise to cheer you up with a happy smile from our staff. They all understand the hazards of life outside, and will try to brighten your day just a little bit.

Don’t freeze, eat more Local Deli. Pce

~The Local Deli Team


welcome to our blog

Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to our Blog!

welcome to our blog

Welcome to our blog! Like our grand opening, we are excited to start communicating our company mission through our blog. We will also include give aways, helpful advice, catering information, and local events info! In this first post, we want to give you a little local deli¬†lore! Several years ago our owner Shelly was the manager/franchisee of Caruso’s Deli in Hayden. Rather then change the menu to include pizza, she decided to focus on her delicious deli sandwiches. Years later (AKA the present) we offer a whole plethora of delicious soups, sides, and sandwiches, all with The Local Deli personal touches!

Moving forward, we are super excited to be opening our next restaurant in Rathdrum! It is a direct growth from the amazing support we have had from our Hayden customers!

So what is The Local Deli About? I mean, obviously we love tasty food, however what is our real mission? The Local Deli loves our employees. Creating jobs (especially in our current economy) is a real part of Shelly’s vision for The Local Deli locations. Helping out local families with stable reliable work brings us great pride, and we love seeing locals succeed! We are also about our community! The Local Deli supports tons of local organizations and fund raisers by providing great catering options for events and get togethers! Shelly deeply believes in giving back, and it shows in our commitment to the¬†community!

We plan to start regular blogging so make sure and check back! Who knows, we might do a few killer give aways! If you have a question for us, or would like the Deli’s thoughts on current events, don’t feel afraid to email us! We don’t bite and love to hear from our great customers! Thanks for listening and we look forward to your feedback in the near future! Talk again soon!

~The Local Deli Team