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The Secret History of French Bread

Ah, bread: could there be a more boring item on your grocery list? Today we think of bread as the thing we stuff our faces with out of boredom as we wait for the real food to arrive. Or as a sort of edible plate for tastier ingredients like meats, veggies and cheese (our favorite of course). The truth is, bread used to play a crucial role in our diets.

For much of human history across most of the world, bread was the single most important item on almost every person’s menu. It was eaten by every class of society, and its price and availability has brought down dictators and democracies alike. Having it could mean peace and prosperity. Not having it meant calamity and ruin.

In France during the late 18th century, it was the ever-rising cost of bread that became a crucial cause of the French Revolution. Like much of French society at the time, the bread itself was socially stratified. The wealthy and nobility got first choice of the finest, most expensive loaves, while the peasants had to make due with stale, sometimes moldy bread packed with cheap starches. Sure it would fill you up, but it wouldn’t be much fun to eat.

fresh loaf of French baguette bread

Then came the Revolution, and with it: the baguette. With enlightenment ideals in full swing, France’s new revolutionary government decreed that there would no longer be bread for the rich and poor, there would just be bread for all the people. Prices would be fixed, and unscrupulous bakers would get a stern talking to from Madame Guillotine.

This delicious, if bizarrely elongated bread is of course a staple of French cuisine, but at the time of its invention it was certainly peculiar. Some stories of the early types of baguettes recounted peasant women carrying loaves of bread taller than the women themselves, stacked precariously under arms like huge sticks. Like any good food origin story, no one quite knows where exactly the baguette was invented, or why, but there are some interesting ideas.

One theory is that during the Napoleonic Wars, Napoleon wanted a bread his soldiers would carry with them on the march during campaign season, so the army wouldn’t have to wait on bakers to cook it constantly. Supposedly the common soldier’s pants had a pocket long enough to slide the whole loaf down the side of the leg. One hopes the army got the chance to change pants regularly. The other theory is simply that the baguette was not nearly as labor intensive as older styles of French bread, and could be cooked in a quarter of the time.

Whatever the true story of its invention, one thing it clear: French bread is amazing. The crisp yet soft dough, buttery flakey goodness, and a perfect edible plate for your sandwich. But it’s also the bread of the people. For hundreds of years families and friends worldwide have sat around a table and torn through a loaf of French bread with carnivorous gusto.

Here at Local Deli we make our bread fresh daily, using locally sourced ingredients. We want you to feel like a part of our family when you bite into your favorite sandwich. And maybe, just maybe, you won’t be so bored at the grocery store when shopping for your next loaf. So come in, take a load off and break bread with us.


Local Deli Catering: The Skinny Version

Local Deli CateringObviously, we love sandwiches and Local Deli Catering. Freshly baked bread with still crackling bacon, fresh veggies and some ranch dressing? Yes please. The sandwich (its been around for a while now) feels quintessentially American. The customizability, mouth-to-size ratio, and overall deliciousness all help define the sandwich as real homemade food. Yes, were a bit crazy about our food.

Just a little.

We get asked about Local Deli Catering all the time. What do we offer, how quickly can we deliver, can we color coordinate with the Bridesmaids dresses, etc. The fact is we LOVE catering. Like head over heels “yes please” kind of love! Most of the time when you contact a caterer, they need a huge time notice, and really stress all the details of how/where to put their food. They need heat elements, electrical wires, and -fill in the blank- stuff. In a nutshell, the catering element of your event creates additional stress as you now have to manage what they are supposed to be doing behind the scenes!

It sucks.

Local Deli Cateringwith Local Deli catering, we really strive to make the event about what is important! Our food will arrive, immensely tasty, (just ask our Facebook fans) and ready to go. No need to worry about electrical wires or heat, it will be ready to go! If you have your own special glass plate you NEED to use, no worries! We will happily get your tasty sandwiches on there! Rather not worry about the materials? We have you covered again! We strive to make catering EASY.

All of us at The Local Deli love to party (par-tay between friends. More music, food and drinking then your average “party.” Come to a First Friday if your interested in learning how to par-tay). Events planning should be about the fun connecting with friends! At your next event, give The Local Deli a shot at your catering. Shelley and Emily love picking food choices and matching doilies to protein types (PRO TIP: everything goes great with bacon). Next time you have a family get together, party to plan, or wedding food to get without breaking the bank, let The Local Deli Catering team help you out! With our help, you might even have time to enjoy your event as a visible hostess!

Talk soon, and Par-tay on!

~The Local Deli Team

welcome to our blog

Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to our Blog!

welcome to our blog

Welcome to our blog! Like our grand opening, we are excited to start communicating our company mission through our blog. We will also include give aways, helpful advice, catering information, and local events info! In this first post, we want to give you a little local deli lore! Several years ago our owner Shelly was the manager/franchisee of Caruso’s Deli in Hayden. Rather then change the menu to include pizza, she decided to focus on her delicious deli sandwiches. Years later (AKA the present) we offer a whole plethora of delicious soups, sides, and sandwiches, all with The Local Deli personal touches!

Moving forward, we are super excited to be opening our next restaurant in Rathdrum! It is a direct growth from the amazing support we have had from our Hayden customers!

So what is The Local Deli About? I mean, obviously we love tasty food, however what is our real mission? The Local Deli loves our employees. Creating jobs (especially in our current economy) is a real part of Shelly’s vision for The Local Deli locations. Helping out local families with stable reliable work brings us great pride, and we love seeing locals succeed! We are also about our community! The Local Deli supports tons of local organizations and fund raisers by providing great catering options for events and get togethers! Shelly deeply believes in giving back, and it shows in our commitment to the community!

We plan to start regular blogging so make sure and check back! Who knows, we might do a few killer give aways! If you have a question for us, or would like the Deli’s thoughts on current events, don’t feel afraid to email us! We don’t bite and love to hear from our great customers! Thanks for listening and we look forward to your feedback in the near future! Talk again soon!

~The Local Deli Team